Workgroup for teaching affairs
Coordinator - Mariola Hejduk, MA

The workgroup for teaching affairs focuses on the co-creation and monitoring of curricula implemented within the language courses, testing and reviewing new textbooks, developing packages and disseminating information to support the activities of teaching staff and students. Other important areas of ​​the team's activity include the promotion and encouragement of participation in external training and conferences, and the development of teaching resources supporting the activities of teachers and students.

Workgroup for e-learning
Coordinator - Justyna Jaworska, MA

The workgroup for e-learning, created in the academic year 2018-19 in response to growing interest in the use of the latest technologies for foreign language teaching, supports and moderates the online activities of academic staff and students. It organizes and conducts various activities aimed at promoting the use of WIKAMP tools and e-learning by students and employees.

Workgroup for certification and verification of learning outcomes (WICEK)
Coordinator - Magdalena Jasińska, MA

The workgroup for certification and verification of learning outcomes (WICEK) was established in 2016. Its tasks include the preparation and administration of examination sessions – creating an exam session schedule, supervising documentation and student services. The team participates in SERMO accreditation by cooperating with other universities in the verification of examination sets.

Workgroup for class observations
Coordinator - Katarzyna Budzińska, PhD

This workgroup focuses on the development and verification of procedures and documentation for all types of class observation. The group creates a report each semester on the completed observations, indicating areas for improvement and proposals for internal methodological training. An important part of the group's activity is conducting methodological consultations for teachers.

Workgroup for cooperation with faculties
Coordinator - Liliana Krzeszewska-Sierakowska, MA

The group for cooperation with faculties deals with student affairs throughout the academic year and examination session (rewriting grades on the basis of previously obtained language courses, solving disputes and providing information on applicable procedures). The team is also responsible for the organization of student qualifications and for monitoring the number of language groups. The group’s tasks include cooperation with deans and deans offices, conducting doctoral examinations, participating in examinations and organizing information meetings concerning requirements and available language courses for first-year students.

Workgroup for Promotion and PR
Coordinator - Maria Walenda, MA

The purpose of this workgroup is to promote all aspects language learning among students and to increase their mobility by organizing events and competitions. One of the main activities of this group is to encourage student participation in student exchanges and foreign internship programmes, as well as the establishment of partnerships with businesses in the Lodz region. The group is also responsible for the development of materials promoting and advertising events organized at the Language Centre, for the administration of publications on the website and Facebook, and for preparing educational and informative presentations.

Workgroup for commercial courses
Coordinator - Robert Pawłowski, MA

The workgroup for commercial courses focuses on the organization of commercial courses and language competitions. With the support of team members, it is working to expand the commercial offer of the Language Centre by introducing new courses for international examinations and preparing supplementary courses for external institutions (banks, companies, etc.) and employees of other faculties at Łódź University of Technology. An important aspect of the group’s activity is the promotion of foreign language learning among students, in order to increase their mobility and employment opportunities. The workgroup is also responsible for the organization of promotional campaigns with CJ partners as well as cooperation with international units. The group organizes courses and exams preparing students for travel and exchanges within the Erasmus + and IAESTE programmes (trips, internships and work placements).

Workgroup for Quality Assurance
Coordinator - Marzena Stawicka, MA

The quality assurance workgroup concentrates on procedures for obtaining accreditation confirming the quality of education at Łódź University of Technology Language Centre, in cooperation with the Commissioners for Education Quality and other workgroups. The workgroup measures and analyses the results of student satisfaction questionnaires. An important aspect of the team’s activity is developing and updating the Quality Book. It also conducts induction training for newly employed teachers.

Workgroup for translations
Coordinator - Łukasz Wodarczyk, MA

The translation team offers translation services and language proofreading for individual clients and other faculties of the University. The group specializes in translating legal and administrative texts as well as academic articles. They also offer services to the private sector including businesses in the region.

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