Quality and recognition

EAQUALS Accreditation - Certificate of Quality  in Language Education

Lodz University of Technology is the first technical university in Poland to receive the EAQUALS certificate of quality in language education. The accreditation was awarded with distinction in six categories.

To date, EAQUALS accreditation has been granted only to two Polish universities. The Language Centre at Lodz University of Technology is the first at a technical university in Poland to have been distinguished in this way. Thanks to the process of accreditation, our unit has developed the highest standards of language teaching. The main goal of the EAQUALS Association is to promote high standards of language education. The organization cooperates with the European Commission as a consultant in matters related to education, as well as with other entities setting standards for language teaching.

In order to be accredited by EAQUALS, the TUL Language Centre had to meet 50 standards listed in the association's documents. EAQUALS inspectors verified the documentation for study courses and organizational practices. Conformity between the contents of the syllabuses - extended by additional elements - and the language policy of the unit was assessed. In total, 37 fragments of lessons in different languages conducted at various levels were inspected. The didactic and administrative resources of the TUL platform WIKAMP were evaluated.
The degree of implementation of the Centre’s priorities and standards was presented to the Director of the Language Centre in a detailed 35-page report. Finally, the TUL Language Centre was accredited by EAQUALS with distinction in 6 categories: management and administration, certification, resources/materials, work environment/surroundings, customer service, internal communication.

EAQUALS accreditation is a valuable distinction for our Language Centre. Lodz University of Technology also gained valuable credit in the Perspektywy ranking - a national ranking of universities. More about EAQUALS

Membership in the Association of Academic Foreign Language Teaching Centres SERMO

Founded in 2006, SERMO is a national association for managers of academic centres teaching foreign languages. The purpose of the association is to create an organization supporting and representing the interests of language teachers at universities. The association provides a forum for sharing experience and best practices, and to help solve shared problems in a changing academic environment. Regular meetings are held to improve members’ professional qualifications and management skills. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of university authorities and students, the association is working on the development and implementation of common criteria for the evaluation of language competences at all levels of study, and the introduction of the SERMO-certified ACERT profiled examination at universities. The aims of the Association include:

- building networks between academic communities in language teaching centres and representing their interests in Poland, abroad and in international organisations,
- promoting best practice criteria in language teaching and raising the quality of educational services,
- harmonisation of language teaching programmes, standardisation of certification and improvement of the language and methodological qualifications of foreign language teachers,
- developing high quality materials and didactic aids for use in professional practice,
- creating a forum for the exchange of information and professional experience, discussion of objectives and division of responsibilities among the academic community of language teachers,
- facilitating the flow of information to promote effective learning and teaching methods,
- cooperation and exchange of experience between academic teachers of foreign languages and between organisations representing foreign language teachers and institutions involved in foreign language education in Poland and abroad,
- submitting applications concerning language teaching to public administration authorities (state and local).

More about the SERMO.

Evaluation of didactic classes

In order to ensure appropriate standards of education at the Language Centre, didactic classes regularly inspected, including student surveys and various forms of observation: systemic supervision, short observations of classes, peer observations. Each semester, evaluation surveys are conducted to measure the level of student satisfaction with regard to teaching and the curriculum.
The scope of the survey (number and selection of surveyed groups) is decided by the management of the Centre. The results are analyzed by the quality assessment team, and then communicated to the Centre’s didactic team along with recommendations. All participants in commercial courses run in the unit are also surveyed. Class observations are conducted in accordance with appropriate procedures. Under the current TUL Senate resolution, each teaching staff member is subject to observation at least once every two years. Teachers are informed in advance and provided with an observation report during a subsequent meeting within 14 days of the observation procedure.

Student satisfaction - Survey winter semester 2018/2019

We are happy to share with you the results of our survey of student satisfaction. In the winter semester 2018/2019, 28 groups of students were surveyed. Below there is a summary of how they evaluate our work.

- support from the teacher: 4.50
- organisation of classes: 4.76
- quality of teaching: 4.57


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