3rd cycle studies

The coordinator for doctoral examinations and examiners appointed to particular faculties are responsible for the organization of training in third cycle studies.

1. Enrolment

To enroll in a foreign language exam or course for third cycle studies, please contact the coordinator directly.

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Please note: Doctoral students with certificates confirming foreign language proficiency recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education may be exempted attending the course. List of certificates: Certificates

2. The objectives of the third cycle studies language course and the learning outcomes

The aims of the third degree course of study are:

  1. to develop the ability to communicate in English in a scientific and professional context in preparation for doctoral examination in a foreign language.
  2. to develop writing skills and skills related to the organization, editing and proofreading of academic texts.

By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. prepare and give a professional presentation on their doctoral thesis and scientific achievements.
  2. use a variety of listening techniques to understand, interpretate and evaluate presentations, lectures and discussions on topics related to their field of study.
  3. provide answers to questions concerning the presented topic using appropriate techniques, vocabulary and language constructions.
  4. express opinions during international academic discussions, using appropriate strategies, vocabulary and language constructions with an awareness of cultural differences.
  5. write correctly structured academic texts of a certain length (abstract, article), demonstrating a high level of grammatical correctness, the ability to use correct style and to avoid plagiarism.

3. Doctoral examination in a foreign language

Doctoral students are obliged to take an examination in a modern foreign language. It is recommended that this should be a language which has been studied previously.

The oral examination consists of 3 parts:

  1. Self-presentation - interview with an examiner (20 points)
  2. Multimedia presentation of the candidate’s doctoral thesis (40 points)
  3. Discussion and presentation of the doctoral thesis – three questions from examiners (40 points).

A maximum of 100 points can be obtained by the candidate during the examination.

In order to take the doctoral examination in a foreign language, it is necessary to:

  1. contact the examiner conducting the doctoral exams for your faculty (see list) to arrange a date for taking the exam.
  2. Before the examination, you should present the examiner with the abstract of the doctoral thesis written in the target language.
  3. Confirm the date of the examination agreed with the examiner and other members of the board at the home faculty.

Foreign language examiners for third degree studies:

W1: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Elżbieta Krawczyk, M.Sc.
W2: Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering - Liliana Krzeszewska-Sierakowska, MA
W3: Faculty of Chemistry - Aneta Paneth, MA
W4: Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design - Agnieszka Tynecka, MA
W5: Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences - Izabella Łacińska-Wójcik, MA
W6: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering - Agnieszka Burcan-Krawczyk, MA
W7: Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics - Krystyna Breszka-Jędrzejewska, MA
W9: Faculty of Management and Production Engineering - Agnieszka Kleczkowska, MA
W10: Faculty of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection - Aleksandra Kaczmarek, MA

Other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian) All faculties - Lidia Wappa-Ciesielska, MA

Exemption from the doctoral examination in a foreign language

A doctoral student may be exempted from taking the doctoral examination in a foreign language on the basis of a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education confirming knowledge of the given foreign language. List of certificates: Certificates. To obtain exemption from the examination, a relevant application (application form) must be submitted to the secretary’s office at the Language Centre together with a copy of the certificate.



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