Students with special educational needs

Lodz University of Technology Language Centre treats supporting students with special educational needs in the process of developing their language skills as a very important element of its mission.
Our teachers participate in training courses preparing them to work with special needs students. Such courses are available to our teaching staff through, among others, the Dostępna Politechnika Łódzka (Eng. Accessible Lodz University of Technology) programme. It is co-financed from EU funds (the European Social Fund). One of the aims of this project is to raise the awareness and level of competence of academic teachers in the field of cooperating with and providing assistance to people with disabilities.
Due to taking part in the Dostępna PŁ project, the Language Centre has been equipped with various electronic devices making it easier for special needs students to learn foreign languages, e.g. eBook readers, digital voice recorders, induction loops, digital magnifiers and audio books.
The Language Centre cooperates with the Office for Students with Disabilities at Lodz University of Technology. Thanks to the collaboration, special needs students can take their end-of-semester tests and final exams under specially adapted conditions. Foreign Language Centre teachers also adapt the methods, techniques and teaching resources to individual students' needs and capabilities. Thanks to cooperation with the Office for Students with Disabilities, individual language lessons have been organized at the Language Centre for years, apart from group classes. In the summer semester 2020-2021, mgr Ewa Muszczynko taught individual English classes for a hearing-impaired student. The course is being continued this semester and the satisfied student has decided to write a few words about her experience.

The English course that I am attending allows me to broaden my English speaking and grammar skills. It definitely fulfills my expectations and I don’t think any further support is needed. Thanks to my teacher, mgr Muszczynko I can learn English in favourable acoustic conditions. What is important for me is that I got used to the way the teacher speaks, which improves my English lip-reading skill. I decided to continue this course in the third semester, because I believe it will enable me to be well prepared to the final English exam. (Anna Banachowicz, FTIMS)

The Coordinator for the Affairs of Students with Disabilities at Lodz University of Technology Language Centre, mgr Agata Rodak, conducted a survey in January 2021 among students with disabilities, regarding their needs and expectations concerning language education at the university. An analysis of the results showed an interest among the students questioned in participating in a Spanish language course. Owing to funds acquired from the Office for Students with Disabilities, it was possible to organize such free-of-charge classes in the summer semester 2020-2021. Because of the sustained interest of the students, the course is being continued this semester as well.

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The Coordinator for the Affairs of Students with Disabilities at Lodz University of Technology Language Centre: mgr Agata Rodak

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