What makes us special

Passion, Engagement and Care for Quality

Our staff is a close-knit team of devoted professionals who are committed to implementing the educational programme defined by the Language Centre at Lodz University of Technology (CJPŁ). We teach the following langauages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish. Together we care about the Centre's reputation both within the university and beyond. In order to meet employers' expectations, we train our graduates to efficiently perform workplace tasks. We collaborate with the local community, and implement innovative solutions and technologies to further enhance our educational and commercial offer.
Our team also includes administrative and technical staff, library staff and maintenance personnel.

The pedagogical model at TUL Language centre (CJPŁ) takes an eclectic approach which combines various methodologies, tools and techniques. The core of the model is the communicative approach - a perspective which places the student at the heart of the educational process and aims at developing their linguistic competence and 21st century skills.

The didactic team's efforts are mainly directed at preparing students to embrace multiple roles in a multicultural society, especially in the academic and professional environments, as well as actively promoting student mobility and employability. Our teachers make careful choices and conscious decisions while planning the didactic process for each class, applying the following collectively agreed rules and attitudes:

  • learning a language is a complex process
  • students represent multiple intelligences and learning styles, therefore the form and pace of classes should be varied
  • learners should be actively involved in the learning process (learner-centered education)
  • tasks given to students should match their needs and linguistic competency
  • the teacher should inspire and motivate students throughout the learning process

Team efforts focus on creating an educational programme which

  • offers language courses of different levels as well as specialist courses
  • meets learner needs and interests
  • promotes learner autonomy through a wide range of interactive tasks and online activities (CALL)
  • provides opportunities for studying authentic material, in including written and spoken discourses taken from popular science as well as narrow specialisms
  • proves compliance with the highest quality standards (CJPŁ is an accredited institution by EAQUALS - The European Association for Quality Language Services)
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