The Language Centre at Lodz University of Technology has been organizing language support nd language certification for its students in terms of mobility, internships and work placements abroad under the Erasmus+ program for many years.

Erasmus+ is a program for universities, their students and employees. It supports the international cooperation of universities. It also enables students to travel abroad to complete part of their studies and take part in internships. It promotes the mobility of university employees and offers numerous opportunities for universities to partcipate in projects with foreign partners. Some of its actions may also involve other institutions, organizations or companies that cooperate with universities.

Interested students are offered courses with 45 hours of lessons in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. The Language Centre also organizes Erasmus+ exams, successful completion of which is necessary to go to TUL partner universities.

More information about ERASMUS+

Format of the Erasmus+ Exam

Examinations for ERASMUS+ candidates are held according to a separate schedule, usually a few times a year.


Written part - Duration 120 min - Total number of points - 100

Task 1. Gap-filling, 10 x 1 point
Task 2. Type of tasks: True/False 10 x 1 point

Task 3. Matching sentence elements in the text, 5 x 2 points
Task 4. Selection of sentences: True/False, 5 x 2 points

Task 5. Completing the text with the correct forms of provided verbs, 15 x 1 point = 15 points
Task 6. Gap-filling with 1 word, 10 x 1 point
Task 7. Gap-filling in situation dialogues, 5 x 2 points = 10 points
Task 8. Completing the text with language elements (choice of the correct form A/B/C), 10 x 1 point

Task 9.
Formal or semi-formal letter or email, 120-180 words, 15 points.

SPEAKING - Duration 10-15 min - Total number of points 50

Task 1. Self-presentation - interview with an examiner, 10 points

  • Topics
    1. Lodz: student friendly city
    2. My university
    3. Leisure and recreation
    4. Poland, a country worth visiting
    5. Social problems in Poland and the European Union
    6. Healthy lifestyle
    7. Travel
    8. Media - modern ways of communication
    9. Environment
    10. Foreign languages and their usefulness

Task 2. Presentation on a topic drawn by the candidate, according to the questions provided, 20 points
Task 3. Thematic situations - dialogue according to prompts (situations such as agreeing on a common date/procedure, solving a problem, etc.), 20 points

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