External exams

The Language Centre at Łódź University of Technology offers the following external exams. All international certificates are recognized by companies, commercial and financial institutions, universities and other higher education institutions around the world.

LCCI - LCCI IQ EFB level 3 and 4 English exams

Lodz University of Technology Foreign Language Centre is a certified LCCI IQ Examination Centre. It organizes English for Business EFB exams on demand twice a year: on the first weekend of December and the second weekend of May. The LCCI exams are held in the building of the Foreign Language Centre at Łódź University of Technology. The test papers are sent to the UK and evaluated there. Certificates are issued no later than 2 months after the examination date. It is also possible to take an oral exam in the form of a business interview and/or a listening exam. Click LCCI for further information about the exam.


A professional language test developed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, Alliance Française, Goethe-Institut and Universidad de Salamanca. It is available in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish. BULATS assesses knowledge of language used in the work environment. It is used to measure language proficiency, monitor learning progress and set development paths. The results are presented in the form of an individual report describing specific skills. The level of language proficiency is presented on the CEFR scale set out by the Council of Europe. The report is valid indefinitely and contains information to facilitate interpretation of the results. Click BULATS for further information about the exam.

TOEIC® Listening and Reading

Currently the most frequently taken English exam in the workplace. It is the most important language certificate, which was created at the request of companies and employers and responds to their needs for verification and certification of English language proficiency. It focuses on the practical side of language proficiency and can be taken at any time in closed (on demand) sessions or open sessions in ETS centres throughout Poland, including the TUL Language Centre. The results may be delivered within 24 hours from the examination, within 10 working days at most. Click TOEIC for further information about the exam.


The Language Centre of the Łódź University of Technology is an authorized TELC Examination Centre (The European Language Certificates). TELC exams are recognized by all EU countries, including chambers of commerce, government institutions, universities and/or international companies. Equivalent to examinations conducted by the British Council or the Goethe Institute, the TELC exams differ in that they are simpler, communication-oriented (grammar is reduced to a minimum) and can be taken in a single day. Each examination is marked in Frankfurt. The results of the examination and a certificate confirming the knowledge of a foreign language at a given level are given to the candidate one month from the date of the examination. Once a TELC certificate has been awarded, it never loses its validity. Click TELC for further information about the exam.



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