Summer training 2021

In July and September 2021 we had the pleasure of participating in a teachingtrainingsession "Active Lessonsled by Marta Rosińska (DOS-ELTea).

The two-daytraining was full of usefulexercises and activitiesaimedatmoreeffectivework with studentsDuring the training, we got acquainted among others with Cornell's method of creating notes; and we refreshed our knowledge on the principles of acquiring knowledge and the learning process. In her materials, the trainer devoted time to issues such as attention, concentration, distraction, attentive learning and the theory of desirable difficulty. The workshop consolidated our knowledge of aspects relevant to planning an effective lesson. There were also ready-made, proven solutions; techniques and exercises that are not only attractive to the learner, but help in understanding; applying and remembering the components of the language taught. We were introduced to models of creative thinking, relational lesson planning, aspects of teamwork and types of roles in group work. The training reinforced our knowledge and skills on giving feedback, as well as monitoring knowledge and testing in pairs and groups. The training was financed by Lodz University of Technology ZPU project - 2nd edition.

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